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Getting Clean

A big recreational activity in South Korea is a visit to the bath house.  The culture surrounding spas and public bath houses in Korea differs greatly from that of the United States.  Back home, such places usually conjure perverse and bizarre ideas and images.  Here in Korea though, the baths are as common a place to go and hang out as a pool or tennis club are.  While they are obviously single sex, father’s bring their sons and cousins and everyone has a good time with it.  One of my students at school even used a spa trip as the primary subject of his weekend journal entry.     

Friday, I took my first trip to the baths, meeting two teachers from school at Heosimcheong Spa (supposedly the largest hot spring fed spa in all of Asia) to see what these crazy Koreans do while getting clean in public.  By the way, there’s little going on in the way of pictures in this post, for pretty obvious reasons. 
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