Noraebong Woes

Reasons why I am still a little in between on my feelings on Noraebong:

1)  My voice normally gets so raspy after drinking that there is nothing left for the singing. 

2)  My voice gets drowned up by anyone with a higher voice, so I end up just singing louder and losing more voice.

3)  Someone inevitably picks a more serious song and kills the lighthearted and sloppy mood of noraebong. 

4)  No, I can’t sing any present day pop songs very well.  Most are just not in my range, especially with the raspy and nasalized tone my voice delivers after a few beverages.    

5)  No, I can’t rap and I hate trying to rap because I think it sounds awful.  Few things sound as bad to me as white guys trying really hard to rap.  It almost always comes out like a camp version of the Beastie Boys. 

6)  The songs I really want to do often have large chunks of instrumental for some reason, which isn’t really what Norabong is about. 

Ah well.  Personally, its a fine time so long as I am not too sober.  Without enough libation in me, noraebong always lulls me sleep. 

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