Kenny Rogers Noraebong

I have been sitting on this story for too long.  Its not as though the tale surrounding my White Day (March 14, analogous to our Valetine’s Day) was real salacious, but it took me sometime to get the picture I needed to tell the story. 

Also, this beginning with this post, I am going to try and get more posts up, with many more little things about life here as, I have find myself out of the house way more than I ever planned during my stay in Korea.  I guess the primary reason for this is that I have been very, very active in pursuing a busy social life and as a result, I am out most every night.  However, the reason for my aggressive social pursuits is directly related to my work life over the past few weeks.  Things at my school have been less than ideal and as a result, I have found myself working harder and being more stressed at the job and my aggressive social pursuits serve adequately as a solid diversion. 

Anyway, White Day 2009…

After going out on a much longer and more involved engagement with a girl during the day (the entire, boring day) and needed to cut loose afterwards.  I was thisclose to staying in afterwards, but I decided to meet up with some friends, get some Dong Dong Ju (that deserves another post of its own, but its a rice liquor punch sort of) and then BBQ.  By the time I finished up with BBQ, I was feeling pretty nice (btw, “going to BBQ” almost always means consuming plenty of soju and beer). 

I was near ready to go home when my friend notices a bit of a disturbance in front of a bar down the block.  To give some more context, we were in Seomyeon, one of Busan’s busiest neighborhoods and it seemed that White Day (it was a Saturday as well) had caused many young Koreans to spill their emotions and beer all over the streets. Naturally, my friend and I stroll over to the front of this bar to see what exactly has everyone so worked up.

When we arrive to the bar’s storefront, we witness Korean guy after Korean guy, come out of the bar, fighting mad, as though this were an 1860’s Dodge City Saloon.  There seemed to be no explanation for any of this, until we look up and see Kenny Rogers’ smiling face looking down at us. Apparently, this bar is the Kenny Rogers Noraebong (Karaoke bar, but private booth style), named for “The Gambler” himself.  Well, you might have had to have been there alongside us to see the humor (I laughed hysterically for 2 days over this), but I included the picture of the storefront to help give an idea for the spectacle of all of this. 

Friggin’ Kenny Rogers. 

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